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ICE Arctic Innovation Challenge

Solving problems is not charity - it’s business

The ICE Innovation Challenge is a competition for solutions. Its purpose is to create a winning solution for a challenge of the local society. The challenge that is common for the all rural areas in the Arctic. The solution can be technological, creative or societal.

The participants will be working in teams, using design thinking to come up with new, creative ideas and innovative solutions to the challenge. Design thinking is a human-centred, iterative process for problem solving, with focus on empathizing with the user.

Arctic Startup

The Arctic is the place for creating something unique!

In our Arctic Startup track, we bring the startup ecosystem and know-how under one roof. This track consists of inspiring keynote speakers from all over the Nordics, demos of the coolest innovations, and opportunities to create long-lasting connections.


Join us and learn what it takes to kick off a startup in and from the Arctic!

Experience the Arctic

Get your once-in-a-lifetime experience in the exotic Arctic

This place is full of experiences you couldn’t imagine possible. Surrounded by the Arctic sea, ice and mountains, this location offers adventures like no other. No sun in the winter, and only sun in the summer. Northern lights, the sea that never freezes, majestic fjords and King Crabs. The list just goes on. We have picked the best packages, from which you can choose your favourite. 

Create meaningful connections, while creating unforgettable experiences. This festival collects together the most innovative and entrepreneurial minds around the Nordics, the change makers of every kind. Are you one of them?

ArcTech - The next big thing

Tech Solutions that shape the future - in and from the Arctic

If it works here, it works everywhere. Northern Norway has some of the

harshest climate and terrain in the world. Tech solutions that solve it here, can make it anywhere.  


ArcTech solutions cover i.e. renewable energy production, maritime tech and circular economy solutions, just to name a few. 


We aim to create a strong ecosystem of ArcTech companies to tackle the problems of the Arctic and the rest of the world.


With a lively and growing harbor, close co-operation with Finland and the business possibilities of ArcTech (Logistics, FoodTech, Tourism, Energy, Blue Economy) it is attracting investors and ideas from all around the Nordics.


5 curiosity sparking lines of content

Two days of the Festival are filled with inspiring content. It's divided into 5 different tracks according to their theme. Whether you're into tech or creative industries, starting up a business or investing, you'll find your cup of ICE. Read on and find it!


Creative North

Creativity is in demand - in its various forms

Creative industries are able to convey values, concepts and meanings effectively. They can trigger emotions, attract attention and create action like no other - and that's what every solution needs. The latest changes in technology, society and way of working create changes for the creative industries. Join us to hear more!

Secure your seat now!

Be part of a transformative experience that will shape the future of the Arctic and beyond.

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