Walid O. El Cheikh

Walid O. El Cheikh

Author and Coach, Pitching For Life

I am a pitching coach and program manager/director for early-stage entrepreneurship programs.

I love helping people to get closer to their dreams and goals in life via pitching and entrepreneurship. It worked for me and many others I have coached! I really enjoy meeting talented, ambitious and passionate people and I encourage them to adopt pitching-for-life as a mindset. And, I show them tools and techniques to present from the heart with ease, comfort and joy and create strategic MVPs, products, services, and concepts.

My approach is to help you learn by doing and inspire you to find your own style. It is important to be you when pitching i.e. you show your personality. I encourage you to try, practice and do your best. Eventually, this builds your confidence. You decide your level, and the targets you want to reach, similar to how you decide your fitness goals. You do not need to be a professional presenter to enjoy selling, pitching, or speaking in public. Not everyone was born to be a Michael Jordan of pitching.

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