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Ronny Eriksson

Ronny Eriksson

Founder of Norders & Ambitious Africa

I help my clients turn their businesses into growth companies by creating brands that can be scaled with the leading growth marketing & sales approaches. We have built an all-in-one service through analyzing tens of Unicorn companies, for you to focus on what matters – your product or service.

I'm a driven serial entrepreneur with a passion for people, new creative challenges and self-development. I have been working actively in the New Nordic startup ecosystem as a founder and entrepreneur. This background combined with intensive studies and work at Hanken School of Economics (Major: Entrepreneurship & Management, MSc) has allowed me to understand the relationship and importance of well-constructed innovation ecosystems. Today, I use my skillset to build brands that reach the world through branding, marketing, and sales. I’m supported by the best people out there such as Peter Vesterbacka.

My vision is based on the belief that a healthy society needs all of its people to recognize that they can bloom and re-bloom, grow and succeed throughout their lives. Learning by doing and doing together.

// Jeg er en dreven serie-entreprenør som har etablert selskapet “Norders”; Vi hjelper bedrifter vokse ved å skape skalerbare merkevarer, samt tiltak for markedsføring og salg.

Min lidenskap er mennesker, kreative utfordringer og selvutvikling. Jeg er utdannet ved Hanken School of Economics og har jobbet aktivt innen New Nordic startup ecosystem. Min visjon er å få mennesker til å forstå at alle kan vokse og oppnå suksess i sine liv.


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