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Ondrej Spala

Ondrej Spala

Chief Experience Officer | Kampanjapelle

He has always been all about experiences - starting with creating partnerships for a sports team around the age of 16 to improve players' experience, then opening his first business in 2012 to experience the real business environment. Then moving to a new country and helping people enjoy safer winter walking, eventually circling back to the big passion - marketing. The time has clearly profiled Ondrej as a person focused on a long-term perspective and brave actions. He believes in doing things differently and trying new and risky approaches. That's the way to raise above the competition.

As Kampanjapelle, he currently helps businesses set this mindset and connect the dots of opportunities rather than just infinitely standing at their own spot. With over 7 years of business experience, more than 9 years of collecting experiences within loyalty and tourism, and multiple lessons from failures, he is also helping the ICE team, and the SVU in Kirkenes develop more engaging experiences for the festival participants, the ICE community, and the tourists coming to Kirkenes.

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