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Mads Qvist Frederiksen

Mads Qvist Frederiksen

Executive director of the Arctic Economic council

Mads is the executive director of the Arctic Economic council - an international independent business membership organisation promoting sustainable economic development in the Arctic. Mads has been working with the Arctic since 2005 when he joined Students on Ice. Mads has also worked in places like Algeria, England, Afghanistan, Iran and Denmark.

// Mads er daglig leder i Artic Economic Council - en internasjonal medlemsorganisasjon som jobber mot bærekraftig økonomisk utvikling i Arktiske regioner. Mads har erfaring fra å jobbe med nordiske selskaper siden2005 når han ble medlem i Students on ICE. Han har også brei internasjonal erfaring gjennom arbeid i Algerie, England, Afghanistan, Iran og Danmark.

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