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Katya Petrikevich

Katya Petrikevich

International Director, Co-Founder, Participation Factory

Katya leads international activities of Participation Factory and works on mainstreaming the best practices in the field of public participation and CivicTech through providing senior advising on participatory process design for international and domestic projects alike.

She is also currently serving as a member of a practitioners board of People Powered and leads its CEE and Balkans Regional Hub. In the course of her work, Katya supported domestic and international offices of a civic tech and advisory company and provided expertise for the development of new methodologies. As a part of her work, she also conducted research on current trends in tech and innovation for the EU Commission, trained young Western African leaders and activists at the TechCamp in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and served as a jury member of the Prague Civil Society competition SWITCH.

An alumna of Columbia University and SciencesPo Paris, Katya always tries to bring her extensive knowledge of political science and human rights into the field of participation and civic engagement with special attention paid to the issues of gender parity and inclusion of marginalized groups.

// Katya er en av etablererne bak Participation Factory, og er nå leder for de internasjonale aktivitetene i selskapet. I tillegg til dette har hun en rekke styreverv, og er også forsker på teknologi og innovasjon. Katja holder nå til i Praha i Tsjekkia, men vi er så heldig å ha kapret henne på programmet vårt!

Day 2
15:00-16:00 Particiapation as a system: engaging in a smart and practical way

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