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Katja Gustafsson

Katja Gustafsson

Founder and CEO, Työdynamo

Katja is the founder of Työdynamo Oy and the company’s CEO. She is known as a charismatic woman who has a great sense of humor, good cooperative skills, and she is the GAME CHANGER and top professional in her field. Katja has built her business by herself to over 50 specialists employing company.

Katja's career is over 30 years, from which 14 years she has worked with coaching different groups and supervisors while developing work well-being. During her working years, she has seen all that is humanly possible. She stands for being dynamic, solution-based, and interactive.

For her, there are no problems, only situations that need different and creative solutions.


Day 1
11:00-11:30 What the f* is wrong with these people?

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Registration deadline is on November 9th 2022.

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