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Why Kirkenes?

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

People tend to romanticize a picture of what a place really is. Then expectations don't meet reality. In Kirkenes, it is the opposite, you will always get more than you ask for. In Kirkenes, the stories are not biased.

The Arctic attracts the brave

Through the ages, the far North has attracted people who are not afraid to break new ground and seize opportunities. From the Sami, who migrated to huge and unknown territory, the Vikings who traveled true the fjords and mountains, and to the many explorers, traders, missionaries, expeditions, and tourists who since visited Kirkenes.

This is the place to create

The symbols of an entrepreneurial culture can be seen all around the Arctics, with history incorporated in branding, marketing, fashion, and more. Many of the fisheries are run by locals as you see in the harbour, tourism is done from generation to generation by those who know the lands. A rich culture combining the best of the region is put into motion in this city by local and international artists.

Opportunities lie in the uniqueness

This is a place of opportunity that due to its harsh conditions requires focus, determination, and grit. On the other hand, it offers all the modern nomad or entrepreneur needs, working connections, work-life balance, and a tightly knit entrepreneurial network.

Masterminds hear the calling of the North

Kirkenes might be north on the map but is definitely the center for the future. The place attracts world-class talent. Ranging from top chef Gordon Ramsey to musical masterminds such as Tiësto. It's already attracting investors and ideas from all around the Nordics, with its international harbour, deep cooperation with Finland, and vast business possibilities of ArcTech (Logistics, Energy, FoodTech, Tourism, Blue Economy). Among our great speakers and guests of ICE Innovation Festival.

Are you one of us?

Welcome to Kirkenes to experience this all first hand.

Get your tickets here, and see you in November!

Secure your seat now!

Be part of a transformative experience that will shape the future of the Arctic and beyond.

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