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The Venue - Abandoned Hospital Transforms into an Innovation Campus

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

ICE Innovation Festival is about creating something new. So naturally, its venue represents the same values.

Something new, something old

Innovation can come from combining two old things in a new way. Nothing Hill is an old hospital that is refurbished to an innovation campus.

Where entrepreneurship, education and entertainment meet. It’s the model of Triple-E campus. A tested concept globally, and now it’s taken to the last frontier of the Arctic. To the region where traditional industries are major.

Work-life bliss as a service

When you really need to create things, having hyper-focus is important. Here It’s possible. In Nothing Hill individuals and teams can find a home away from home. The space to concentrate on creating.

Event space of its own kind

With it’s 22 000 square meters and 4 floors, Nothing Hill is a great venue to bring people together. It will be coliving spaces on its upper floors, while the lower floors facilitate encounters, conversations, and learning. ICE Innovation Festival fills the 3 floors with a festival vibe and change-makers around the Nordics.

This is the place to create growth stories.

Are you part of the story?


Secure your seat now!

Be part of a transformative experience that will shape the future of the Arctic and beyond.

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