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Snowhotel hosts unforgettable experiences

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Snowhotel is our main partner on the Arctic Experiences!

Snowhotel Kirkenes is maybe the biggest activity provider in northern Norway. When looking for an ultimate arctic activity - they got it. In the exotic Arctic environment, Snowhotel guarantees high-quality tours with an authentic experience, guidance, and equipment.

For ICE Innovation Festival guests

Snowhotel has tailored its best tours for ICE Innovation Festival guests. All you need to do is pick your favorite, be at the pick-up point at the venue, and enjoy the experience!

Catch the majestic King Crab

On this exclusive arctic excursion, you may get the best King crab fishing adventure. You get out on the fjord ice by snowmobile and sleigh to find the great beast. You will step out on the frozen fjord and help the fisherman pull the traps from deep through the hole in the ice.

King Crab is an exclusive delicacy of the North, and fishing them has been an important source of living for people for hundreds of years.

Get the adrenaline on a husky ride

Nature covered by snow, a frozen fjord beneath you, a team of strong huskies in front, and a beautiful sky with polar night colors above. Huskies love to run, so take the chance and enjoy the ride!

Snowhotel Husky Safaris consists of professional mindset, deep care of dogs, passionate dog mushers and 140 strong and beautiful alaskan huskies. 10 years of experience has made our partner one of the most popular and reputable husky safaris above the arctic circle.

Visit the Snowhotel

A hotel made of snow and ice - and its open year around! The Snowhotel is sightseeing in itself, with architecture of ice and impressive snow sculptures. While being amazed, have a drink at a bar made of ice. Even the glass is out of ice!

Get a touch of traditional living by visiting the reindeer farm, and by petting huskies (and their puppies) at the husky farm. Have you seen their eyes?

All the tours last for 2 hours. The pick-up point is at the festival venue, the same as the return point from the activity. Everything else in between is taken care of.

Activities booking starts soon - so stay tuned!

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Secure your seat now!

Be part of a transformative experience that will shape the future of the Arctic and beyond.

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