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ICE Metaverse connects people and places

What is Metaverse?

This is still a common question, and we are happy to answer it.

In general, Metaverse is a virtual world where you can interact with other people. So it's a modern place for networking.

The past few years established a concept of online events in peoples' minds. And Metaverse recreates this concept again, to a totally new level. It makes online events engaging and interesting. This is the future way of connecting people and places all around the world.

ICE Innovation Challenge workshops take place in ICE Metaverse Auditorium

In Metaverse you interact as your avatar, accompanied by your video and audio in discussions. In creating your own avatar, you can express yourself and highlight your characteristics in creative ways. Be innovative with it! What's the thing you want people to remember about you?

How does ICE Metaverse work?

ICE Metaverse connects Kirkenes to the rest of the world. It enables the international community to experience the festival, among other events, in an interactive online platform.

ICE Metaverse is a virtual environment with different rooms, for networking with fellow participants, and investors and watching streams of insightful speakers. The virtual environment is built for ICE Kirkenes, with dedicated rooms for different communities and discussions. Ondrej Spala is the brain for developing and piloting the ICE Metaverse.

The ICE Metaverse is built on, so all you need is a computer, browser, and internet connection - and your ambition. No need for applications or VR glasses, but prep your pitch!

Network in ICE Metaverse

Different rooms cover networks within different industries and interests. ICE Metaverse offers possibilities for 1-on-1 and group discussions. So when you find people with matching interests, take the discussion to another level with video calls! For the ones looking for investor connections, there's a dedicated area for this. Crystallize your ask before entering that area!

Meet other changemakers in Metaverse rooms, deepen relationships in video calls and get ready to create groundbreaking innovations!

Metaverse is open for ICE Innovation Festival ticket holders, ICE Innovation Challenge virtual teams, the Ambitious Africa community, and the

Nordic Game dev delegation. So check your email for the link and more info!

If you wanna join the Festival online and get networking with the changemakers, get your ticket on Eventbrite for just 25€.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Secure your seat now!

Be part of a transformative experience that will shape the future of the Arctic and beyond.

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