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The most remote part of the Nordics opens unique opportunities

People tend to romatincize a picture of what a place really is. Then expectations don't meet reality. In Kirkenes, it is the opposite, you will always get more than you ask for. In Kirkenes the stories are not biased.

About Kirkenes

North on the map - Center of the Future

Through the ages, the far North has attracted people who are not afraid to break new ground and seize opportunities. From the Sami, who migrated to huge and unknown territory, the Vikings who travelled true the fjords and mountains, and to the many explorers, traders, missionaries, expeditions and tourists who since visited Kirkenes. 


The symbols of an entrepreneurial culture can be seen all around the Arctics, with history incoroporated in branding, marketing, fashion and more. Many of the fisheries are run by locals as you see in the harbor, tourism is done by generation to generation by those who know the lands. A rich culture combining the best of the Nordics is out into motion in this city by local and international artists.

We are now offering you a possibility to come together with hundreds of like-minded people during the ICE Innovation Festival to experience the Arctic wonders within culture, business and experiences in Kirkenes.


Welcome to Kirkenes to experience this all first hand.


The future is created here


Plan your trip

Start your adventure already on the go! We recommend to fly from Helsinki to Ivalo - and hop on a festival bus straight to Kirkenes. Schedules added here soon! 

Or get creative, take a Hurtigruten cruise, a reindeer sled or carpooling from the nearest train station. It's about the journey, and with who you share it! 

In case of questions, please contact Maja,

Kirkenes offers accommodation choices for various tastes and budgets. Remember to take advantage of early bird discounts!


Secure your seat now!

Be part of a transformative experience that will shape the future of the Arctic and beyond.

Welcome to the Arctic Coast!

The Arctic Coast and international harbour bring wealth

Kirkenes is a placed as far as you can go in the North-East of Norway. We are located on the border of Finland and Russia, the coast of Barents sea. With vast natural resources and a unique coastal position, Kirkenes is The Arctic Port of Europe.

In Kirkenes, we invite you to join us to live and work in touch with the Arctic wilderness and the changing seasons. Here, we value work/life balance and offer rich opportunities to nurture your body and mind on breathtaking hikes, fishing trips, hunting, snowmobile rides or maybe dogsledding? 

Welcome to the Arctic Coast!

Fifty shades of the Arctic - lights and colors that blow your mind

When you first arrive, all you hear is about the polar night and the darkness during winter. But if you dare to explore Kirkenes you will discover that the polar night is actually the season of spectacular lights!


  • Aurora Borealis dancing in a thousand shades of pink, red and green is only one of the life changing sights you can experience. 

  • In cold weather ice crystals in the air will create light beams, like lasers, into the dark sky. If you arrive in January, to await the first sunlight in months, you will discover a bloodred horizon that mesmerizes the mind. 

  • In summer, the sun will shine around the clock and energize the people with no time to sleep. The sun is up! Let’s enjoy life.

We believe that you create more value when you are thriving. 


Welcome to Kirkenes!

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