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Arctic Innovation & Collaboration at

ICE Innovation Festival 2024

Unleash ideas, connect, and thrive in extreme networking & unconferencing.


The ICE Innovation Festival 2024 is the premier event for startups and entrepreneurs, investors, and the business community in the Arctic.


It's a one-of-a-kind opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, discover groundbreaking innovations, and explore new business opportunities in the most extreme environment on earth.

Join the tribe in LinkedIn event and follow us on Instagram. See you in Kirkenes!

Why attend?


Utilize the unique

opportunities from the North


Find startups with

ambition and determination


Position yourself in the

emerging market of the Arctic


Find the hottest stories

above the Arctic Circle

Speakers 2022

Image by Dan Cook






Use code ICESTUDENT at checkout.

Student ID verification at registration desk.




Team up with others to enjoy a special rate.




Unlock unique Arctic content

Get tickets

Registration deadline is on November 9th

The  Leading Arctic

Startup and Innovation Festival



How to get there?

Experience Kirkenes

People tend to romantizice a picture of what a place really is. Then expectations don't meet reality. In Kirkenes, it is the opposite, you will always get more than you ask for. In Kirkenes the stories are not biased.


Be prepared for unforgettable Arctic experiences!

The adventure starts already on the journey. There’s multiple ways to reach Kirkenes. Fly straight to Kirkenes, or fly to Ivalo (Fin) + drive through the amazing Arctic nature.

ICE Bus can be arranged between Ivalo Airport and Kirkenes for parties of min. 35 people.

Flights and accommodation are widely available (Oct 1)!

You can reach Kirkenes with SAS, Norwegian, and Widerøe.

Youth tickets are generally offered at significant discount on all airlines flying to Kirkenes (select Youth for SAS / Widerøe, use code UNDER26 for Norwegian).

Reserve accommodation at Scandic or Thon.
Youth fare at Scandic available (code YOUTH). 2-night stays at Scandic with Finnair vouchers and code VOY.
Long-stay discount at Scandic available (code D000029292, min. 5 nights).



Brave the cold,

ignite your ideas.

Dive into the heart of innovation and collaboration in the Arctic! Join us at ICE Innovation Festival 2024, where boundaries fade and ideas flourish in the midst of extreme networking, unconferencing, and unique Arctic experiences.

Ignite the Arctic Spirit of Innovation:

Program for ICE Innovation Festival 2024 Unveiled!

At ICE Innovation Festival 2024, innovation isn't just a buzzword—it's a way of life. Join us for three days of boundless opportunities, where traditional conferences are reimagined, connections are forged, and innovation knows no limits. Discover the Arctic's potential, unlock fresh ideas, and leave with a network that spans across borders and disciplines. Are you ready to be part of the Arctic revolution? Secure your spot now and dive into an adventure that will transform the way you think, connect, and innovate.

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